The Anti Consultant is all about driving change with your team

Our ABCD Approach:

  • ACT as your Trusted Business Advisor -

    • Offering honest advice to Small & Medium Enterprises, focussing on growing your relationships and keeping financial success as a product of change.

  • BUILD strong thought leadership and a self-aware business mentality.

  • CULTIVATE a business mentality that helps your company develop a stronger network of opportunity and growth for your customers and partners.

  • DEVELOP greater collaboration between business partners and staff fostering an environment of continuous learning.

Karina is a strategic thinker, experienced IT Operations Manager with a keen business focus.

With over 25years experience working across Educational, Marketing, Technology and Not For Profit (NFP) companies. Karina has built up her knowledge and skills as a leader implementing Software Applications, Automation, Modernisation, CRM implementation, Data driven marketing and improving digital presence.

Karina is a leader of technology, marketing, and software engineering and will be a sounding board for your companies change and growth.